Monday, 21 September 2015

Mythical Creature descriptions by Year 5 & 6

Recently our Book Week theme was "Mythical Creatures' so the Year 5 & 6 ESOL children chose a mythical creature to research and below are those descriptions:

My mermaid is called Atargatis. She is a woman. She lives in water. She has a long tail and long hair. She has a thin body. She likes to sing a song. She has arms but no legs. Atargatis was the very first mermaid to ever live. The colour of tail tells us how she is feeling.    
By Juliet 
My Mythical Creature is called Centaur-demon. He is half man, half horse. The top part of his body is a man and the other half is a black horse. He has four feet and two wings. He can fly and he is very good in battles. He can live for 200 years.
By Jimmy 
My mythical creature is called Charybdis. It’s name in Greek is Χαρυβδις, it means Swallowing. She is a huge monster like a worm. She has a lot of eyes and horns on the side of its body.  She has a lot of sharp teeth. She is a mix of green and blue colour, the same colour as the water. This makes her camouflaged. She killed the animal of Heracles so Zeus throw her in to the strait of Messina in a swirl. She is Neptune Poseidon and the earth goddess Gaia's daughter. She swallowed seawater three times a day forming a huge whirlpool. The passing boats got swallowed. Charybdis is also the name of a crab in west Pacific. It is an edible crab and because of its large size it has, high quality meat
By Tommy

My mythical creature is called Griffin. He is half lion and half eagle and he eats all kinds of horses. Only the female Griffins have wings. The Griffin could protect creatures from illness or death. The Griffin has three names – Griffin, Griffon and Gryphon.
By Jason

My Mythical Creature is called Atargatis . She is half woman, half fish. The top part of her body is a beautiful woman, and the other half is a long tail. She lives in water with the other fish. She has human arms but no legs. The 4 special powers of this mermaid were Immortality, Seeing the future, Telepathy and hypnosis.   
By: Ruixi 
My mythical creature is called Charybdis. She is a sea creature that lives in Strait of Messina beside Banshee Scylla, and she is also Poseidon and Gaea’s daughter. Why she is in the Strait of Messina is because once she killed some cows and sheep so Zeus threw her into the Strait of Messina. She was very angry about it. She got locked in there so she swallowed alot of sea water every day and made a huge swirl.  The boats that past there were swallowed. She had a lot of antennas beside her body and lots of eyes around her mouth.  Her colour is just like the sea so it’s very hard to see her. Charybdis is also the name of a crab. 
By Tim

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