Monday, 24 October 2016

Diversity Celebration Day - a selection of photos

What an amazing day we had! Thank you, thank you, thank you! to everyone who made it possible.

Chinese Drumming
Samoan Sasa
Ti rakau (Maori stick games)
Aboriginal Art
Ukrainian Dumplings
Brazilian Art
Spanish lessons
Diwali sweets
Ukrainian Doll-making
Japanese Taiko drumming
Argentinian Tango
Eritrean culture
Korean dress & culture
Rangoli patterns
Folk dancing
French culture
Bollywood Dancing
Japanese food
Mask Making

There are so many people to thank for making this day such a success. Firstly to our absolutely amazing parent community, we couldn’t have done this without you! Please thank:
·        Priscila, Alessandra & Heloisa for teaching us about native Brazilian art
·        Kavita for showing us how to make yummy Diwali sweets and Sunita for teaching us about Indian Rangoli patterns
·        Sarah Stokes & her mum for teaching us about Aboriginal Art
·        Tamila Mostipan (and friends) for showing us how to make Ukrainian dolls and Anzelika Romanenko (and friends) for teaching us how to make Ukrainian dumplings
·        Francois Profit and Phil Jordan for enlightening us about French culture
·        Senait Ghebremichael for teaching us more about Eritrea
·        Carla Moore & Joanna Pleszek for helping us to learn Spanish
·        Diana Bain for teaching us how to Tango, Argentinian style! and her daughter, Ruby Reid for her amazing mask making skills
·        Kensuke Hayashi (& Catherine Murata) for the Japanese food & games
Also a very special thank you to the Asia New Zealand Foundation for providing us the funding to employ:
·        Michaela Sangl from Yogikids
·        Alka Suresh from the Aaja Nachle Bollywood Dancing School
·        Rae Storey from New Wave Folk Dancing
·        Murray Simpson from Karate Remuera
·        Steven from the Tamashii Taiko Drumming school
·        Peggy for teaching us Origami
·        Rita (+ Edwin & Oscar) for sharing their Chinese drumming
·        Jean-Francois Vognin for the Chinese Calligraphy lesson
As well as Daniel & Yoomi from the Korean Education Centre for teaching us traditional Korean games
And lastly, thank you to our talented teachers who shared their expertise:
·        Suzanne Parkinson for teaching us Maori language and games
·        Val Marra for teaching us the Samoan Sasa
·        Kate Gomez for teaching us more about English Culture
·        Andy Dwyer for teaching us  rākau (stick games)
Anna Hedstrom and the Social Studies team (Mel Barr, Rachel Crowther & Emma Williams)

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