Friday, 1 May 2015

Transport Riddles by Year 2

Transport Riddles by Year 2

I can drive on the road.
I can go anywhere.
I can carry people.
I can go fast and slow.
What am I?

By Ilana

I have 2 wheels.
I have a bell.
I go on the road.
I am quiet.
What am I/

By Remi

I go on the sea.
I can put lots of people in me.
I have a flag on top.
I can go slow and fast.
What am I?

By Aoi

I take people to space.
I send special messages to Earth.
I can see all of space.
What am I?

By Abdul

I have lots of seats.
I go fast.
I go on tracks.
I am big.
What am I?

By Ivana

I can go in the sky.
People go in me to go to another country.
I am fast.
What am I?

By Adithya

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