Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Parnell District School PARENT GROUP

Did you know? At Parnell District School we have children representing over 30 different nationalities! We continue to be amazed and privileged to have such a diverse array of students and their families.

In order to best support and celebrate these students, and their families, we are looking for parents to help form a PDS parent group. This group would meet throughout the year to discuss ways to support and welcome new families, ask and answer questions about school life, organize and run cultural celebrations as well as participate in fund-raising events with a multicultural flavour.

The aim is to form a group run by parents, for parents to ensure every family feels included in our community. We are hoping to encourage a diverse representation. Please don’t feel shy, especially regarding your level of English, as the purpose of this parent group is to come together to feel supported. It’s your ideas and time we are looking for. Your pre-schoolers are most welcome to these meetings.

We have an initial idea to end the year with an event to ‘celebrate our multicultural community’. We envisage food stalls as well as dance groups performing. This will be a culminating celebration for our school-wide community topic and we hope this can take place in early December. If you are interested in joining this parent group and/or wish to help with this proposed celebration, please email either of our ESOL teachers – annah@parnell.school.nz or sarahh@parnell.school.nz by Wednesday, October 22nd with your contact details. We hope to have our first meeting sometime shortly after this date.

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